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New Planner Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

Inga Timmerman is an Associate Professor of Finance at California State University - Northridge, as well as Founder and President of Attainable Wealth, a fee-only financial planning firm in Los Angeles, CA. Today Inga joins the show to share her educational path after coming to the United States fresh out of high school, why she pursued her Ph.D. and a career in academia in addition to her CFP, and what made her take the plunge into starting her own firm.

Listen in as she explains the differences between the corporate finance and personal financial planning career paths and what she looks for in the interns she hires for her firm. You'll learn how Inga obtained the 40 clients she currently serves, how she juggles being a professor and running a business (at just 30 hrs per week!), and tips for job seekers looking for positions within the financial planning profession.

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