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New Planner Podcast

Feb 19, 2021

Dominique Henderson is the Founder of DJH Capital Management, a fee-only RIA, and The Founder of the Jumpstart Coaching Lab, a community for aspiring financial professionals offering virtual mentorship, training, and coaching. He joins the show today to discuss how his exposure to a diversity of cultures early on in his life paid substantial dividends for him as he began his career and building his firm.

Listen in as he explains why he left a position that was paying him close to $300k per year to start his own firm and the Jumpstart community. You will learn the value an aspiring financial professional will gain from the various resources and programs Dominique offers, as well as what skills he thinks new professionals need to develop to be successful long-term in financial planning. If you want to build your skills and add massive value to an employer, then this episode is for you.

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