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New Planner Podcast

Oct 1, 2021

Emily Boyd and Brandon Gutierrez are Financial Advisors with Browne, Draper & Land Financial Concepts in Dalton, GA. Today they join the show to discuss how they learned about the profession, including what intrigued them to become involved in the industry, what their roles look like day-to-day, and how these tasks have changed as their careers have progressed. If you are in an associate planner role and want to move into a lead planner role, then this episode is for you. 

Listen in as Emily shares what benefits she received from shadowing an advisor while still in school, why her first firm wasn't the best fit for her, and why she left to join her current firm. Brandon describes his process for determining what job opportunities he wanted to pursue, what he was looking for in a firm, and why his current firm was a good match for him. You'll learn why they remain happy with their firm, as well as what they hope to achieve in the next few years and several tips for newer planners who are just starting out. 

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