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New Planner Podcast

May 20, 2022

Eric Roberge is the Founder and and Kali Roberge is the COO of Beyond Your Hammock, a fee-only independent financial planning firm based out of Boston that serves professional clients in their 30s and 40s. They stop by the show today to share how they have grown their business from scratch almost 9 years ago.

Listen in as we discuss why they chose to focus on a younger clientele with high incomes, what it’s like working with your spouse, and what the very first role they hired for was, including all the details on how they integrated that person into the firm. They also share their tips for new planners on how to add value to their employers early on, what they look for when it comes to job seekers, and what some of the biggest lessons they learned from hiring their first employee were. If you are a new planner seeking to join a small firm where you might be one of the first hires, this is an episode for you!

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