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New Planner Podcast

May 13, 2022

My guests today are Landon Powell, Josh Brumbach, and Garrett Klinger, who are Financial Planning Students at the University of Georgia. Listen in as they explain what the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) is and why they each wanted to pursue it, what the cost and process for registering entailed, and detailed insight as to what type of material and types of questions were asked on the test.

You’ll hear about how Garrett had a different experience taking the exam virtually than the other two due to the remote proctoring option he selected. Make sure you check out the middle, where they describe how long it took for them to study, how Landon's approach was a little different than Josh and Garrett's, what their study schedule was, what materials they used, and how they utilized the practice exams to gauge their progress along the way. If you are considering taking the SIE exam and want to pass on your first try, then this episode is for you!

You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: